Tuesday, June 15, 2010






Sunday, June 13, 2010


well, today i am not going to post anything emo
but something positive.
i spend my weekend in Ipoh, because
i wanna spend more time with my bro before he is leaving.

hmm.. we watched Karate Kid this saturday,
trust me this movie is worth to watch
a lot of moral value in it.
especially the line that it says
"life may break you down, its either you choose to stand up and stay there crying"
something like that.. haha kinda forget exactly what it says.

oh ya, almost forget, haha.. something ridiculous happen yesterday,
guess what my house water meter steal by some other people.
can you believe it? even that junk people want to steal it.
come on! what a society we are in now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

whats life?

life is full of challenges,
in our life we will face a lot problems
and difficulties, life never been easy for us.
we need to overcome a lot things, sometimes we will ask God
why does our problems never come to an end?

when i look back to my life,
at first i found happiness and protection,
but once i stepped into the reality,
slowly i learn bitter and insecurity.

sometimes you just wish,
wish that someone will come into your life
and helped at least understand you
someone who manage to protect you and give you hope.
i know i know, we should seek God,
but sometimes things just don't end up that easy

maybe its true that i no longer end up with faith,
well, its all because this world is getting more horrible and scary
sometimes i just wish to have a comfort zone for me stay comfort and away
from all these.

my heart is yelling for help,
many pass by but does not help.
where? who? is the one who going to take me away from
the bitterness. anyone can wash away my scars?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010


hey peeps, i am back to blogspot.
well, recently is been a busy semester for me.
phew. so many things to do in a short time.
assignments, activities and so on. cant even catch my breath.
i have lots of good news and also bad news.
good news are, finally i have an air con for my room. and i have a lovely roomate aran=) love her so much. well, i enjoyed staying here with my gang of crazy friends. i bought a new lap top, mobile phone within a month. wow! but i m not as rich as you thought k.
though i get satisfied by all the gadgets and stuff i had, there is something missing in my life,
that is i need a person to give me security and love. which i am still searching in the moment.
i feel lonely and upset in my heart. wondering why is it take so long for someone to enter my life.
most of my friends found theirs and i am happy for them. deep down, i feel depressed. well, face the fact that no matter how strong i look, i still need someone to support me. i am now far away from home, and i miss them too. hmm.... i really dono how to go on. well, wish me luck for everything. there is some much to tell in my heart. but i dun feel like saying it out. so.. just wish me luck and keep me in prayer. God Bless. <3

Friday, January 1, 2010


2009 是个平淡的一年但却带点复杂
忘了自我。。 2010 谁来救我?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i hate the world!!

how i wish 2012 is now! i wanna go heaven as soon as possible.. i dun like this..
why? why? why? why? yes.. i look strong outside but i have a weak heart, just one touch and it will break into pieces. why? yes.. i like to act but doesnt mean i m a liar. yes. i like to joke but doesnt mean i m childish. yea. i like to laugh but doesnt mean that i m okay with everything. i hate wearing mask... why?. why? why cant u guys treat me better? am i really that bad? do u guys know me well? i hate gossips!! being self centered, pride, gossips bring u no where but DEATH!!!
i am tired.. who am i to u all? who am i? who am i? i hate myself for being a clown.